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Smart Note Records manages the whole process of production of an artist career, from consultancy to choose tracks and sounds to promotion worldwide. We use the most innovative and modern techniques to give our artists success and results.

We mainly produce music for commercial sites (shops, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.). See our results in the attached below. Many users are playing our music and this is making their business great!!!




"Cartoline dall'Italia" - EP now available

"Cartoline dall'Italia" - EP now available - Smart Note Records

EP "Cartoline dall'Italia" is now available.
Six tracks to simply celebrate the beauty of Italy.
Available on
- iTunes Store
- Amazon
- Bandcamp

Music and arrangements by Bruno Susio
Musicians by courtesy of GP Music Ltd
Mixing at Smart Note Studios (Milano)
Mastering at

Track list:
1. Cartoline dall'Italia (4:41)
2. Napoli Via Toledo (3:44)
3. Serenata alla luna di Venezia (2:50)
4. Traffico a Milano (2:54)
5. Due passi per Roma (3:58)
6. Le spiagge della Sicilia (3:28)

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